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Ugh. Thanks for the Bad News, Kernoal

Kernoal Stevens commented on another blog post that in the later versions of Innovator-C not only do we have the new 1 core limit, but Innovator-C will no longer support ER or HDR.

What a bummer, here is the README from the Innovator-C download page that confirms this new limitation:

Changes to Replication in Informix 11.70.xC5 Innovator-C edition

For 11.70.xC5, Informix Innovator-C edition no lo...
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IIUG Insider Issue #144 – June 2012

If you don’t get the IIUG Insider delivered directly to your inbox, you may not be aware that June Insider has just been published.

Here is the editorial, which I always find interesting and sometimes harsh, but fair.

Where is Informix Innovator-C?

If you are interested in installing Informix Innovator-C I have bad news for you. It has been removed for quite a while. The download link is still there but clicking o…

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Innovator-C: 446 Days of Continuous Uptime in Jeopardy

This morning Hannes Visagie posted to the IIUG SIGs about a change to the Innovator-C limitations listed on the IBM Informix Innovator-C page that states Innovator-C will be limited to run on 1 core, down from the previous limitation of 4 cores. I sure hope this refers to CPUVPs and not hardware cores in the server, because who has a single core machine handy these days?

Is this the end of the line for our Innovator-C instance? Time will only tell. If the above limitation is real and not just a typo (edit: confirmed not a typo) we will have to reconfigure the instance down to 1 CPUVP and bounce the engine to see if a single CPUVP Innovator-C instance can meet our requirements and the uptime cl…
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Innovator-C: Approaching 400 Days of Up Time

IBM Informix Dynamic Server Version 11.70.FC2IE -- On-Line (Prim) -- Up 398 days 01:11:10 -- 2084080 Kbytes

Put into production over a year ago in April 2011, Innovator-C has just been cruising along with no problems and no signs of slowing down.

Just a single socket, quad core Intel machine with 2GB allocated to Informix and a couple of internal drives mirrored RAID1 using cooked chunks, Innovator-C i…

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