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Informix Tech Day on June 13th @ 13:30 in Brussells and June 15th @ 13:00 in Paris : book these events NOW!

If you are an Informix user or IBM Informix Partner, and think “why should we persist in using a DBMS that is facing a threat of extinction ?”, you definitely DO NO WANT TO MISS this Informix Tech Day! either in Hilton City Hotel in Brussels, Belgium, on Tuesday June 13th at 1:00 P.M. or in IBM […]

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No more a rumour: Informix 12.10 available on the cloud!

  We had heard rumour a few months ago: this is no more a rumour. IBM announced days ago the official launch of Informix 12.10 on the cloud! If you had concerns with using Informix for staging environments, hosting a temporary system for a time-limited project development, or even test a functionality on production-like environment without […]

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Informix on the Cloud: rumours seemed to be justified!

      Some rumours have been heard within the Informix microcosm related to the implementation of Informix on the Cloud. Those rumours also were kind of justified by a series of new features that made Informix really ready for the Cloud. I really think that, if this  subject has some interest for you, you […]

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This survey that is making non-informix users very curious about IBM Informix

    < = >   ?   It is amazing how ‘non-informix-converted’ people get surprised when they listen to the voice of real life Informix users. We are used to hearing things like: “Oh! I thought Informix died in 2001”, or even “Informix? say again? oh yes! isn’t this a cousin of the Gaulish […]

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Where are you at with your Informix 4GL application documentation?

  If you feel concerned in any way by that question, you should read this article. As a big fan of Informix 4GL language, I have been considering this matter for almost 30 years now, and I think I found the best possible answer. Do not miss this reflexion about the Application documentation question and […]

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About IIUG Conference in San Diego: a few reasons to register

We are almost there, only a few weeks missing: the event will begin on April 25 in the evening, to conclude on April 29th in the evening. This year is going to be somewhat different than other years:  first of all IIUG will blow its 20 candles. 20 years of supporting the worldwide Informix community, […]

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New Gartner analysis talking about ‘legacy’ databases retirement

Mr Donald Feinberg is a vice president and distinguished analyst in Gartner Intelligence in the Information Infrastructure group,  and responsible for Gartner’s research on database management systems and data warehousing infrastructure. Concerned by a recent analysis stating that so-called legacy DBMS like Sybase and Informix would retire in 2015, he brings in this document a […]

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Breaking News!!! Informix to become the national DBMS in China!!!

This sound perfectly incredible, but this is the pure truth: IBM Informix has been chosen as the national Database Management System in China. Here is the Press Release from IBM: GBASE and IBM to collaborate on locally innovated database in China IBM (NYSE: IBM) and General Data Technology Co.,Ltd, known as GBASE announces an agreement […]

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Internet of Things and Informix Warehouse Accelerator

In building a set of messages towards the upcoming IBM Insight (formerly IOD) conference, this blog entry is being written as part of that effort (in collaboration with IBM Marketing):

The Internet of Things is changing our…

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Informix in IT schools ? In France ? Of course this is possible!

On june 17th, I had fun animating an initiation to IBM Informix session in the facilities of EPITECH, a french IT engineering school which is famous for the quality of its training cursus and the level of its students. Located in Marseille, south of France, but also in 11 french cities, this school had proposed […]

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