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No more a rumour: Informix 12.10 available on the cloud!

  We had heard rumour a few months ago: this is no more a rumour. IBM announced days ago the official launch of Informix 12.10 on the cloud! If you had concerns with using Informix for staging environments, hosting a temporary system for a time-limited project development, or even test a functionality on production-like environment without […]

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Informix on the Cloud: rumours seemed to be justified!

      Some rumours have been heard within the Informix microcosm related to the implementation of Informix on the Cloud. Those rumours also were kind of justified by a series of new features that made Informix really ready for the Cloud. I really think that, if this  subject has some interest for you, you […]

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Informix around the world – part 1

YES – I have been slow with my updates. Call me a slacker, but better late than never. My travels have taken me eastward in the last two months. My first trip was on an Informix event for customers and partners in Mumbai, India. We held a “unique”…

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