“It’s been a pleasure working with Eric as an IBM partner. I would characterize Eric as an expert in Informix technologies around troubleshooting, optimization and complex implementation. Additionally, he is also passionate about what he works on and very professional. I find him 100% committed to what he takes on and very reliable. It’s very hard to find people who are both technical experts and very professional business men and Eric is certainly one of them.”
April 21, 2011

Raj Nair, Informix Product Development, IBM Software Group

“Eric has many of the qualities of a highly skilled technologiy specialist. Especially I think Eric is the right person to manage troubleshooting activiy in an IT large account company. He has got a great backround and personal developement in this area. He is hard working, has a great sense of analysis and troubleshooting including quality and procedure oriented processes knowledge. As a team worker his solid knowledge in Operating Systems and RDBMS implementation will help any group looking forward to care about IT implementations.”
October 22, 2009

Olivier Hirsch, Senior CRM Architect, Oracle

“Eric Vercelletto performed for us a migration of our Informix 7.30 infrastructure towards IBM INFORMIX INNOVATOR-C version 11.70. His advice and expertise on this technology have proved to be efficient, by deploying a new, performant and secure structure that ensures concurrency and speed in our long and heavy processes. The new architecture, that includes mirroring and HDR replication, matches the level of demanding requirements of hospitals standards. As observed by the end-users, global response times have been divided by ten! We are fully satisfied with Eric’s engagement. We are now planning phase II of the project consisting in migrating our home-made Informix-4GL applications towards fully compatible GUI style Querix Lycia.”
6 mars 2012

Bruno Chomette, IT Manager, Hopital de Forcilles

“I worked with Eric for several critical European customers. I found Eric to be patient, customer focused and well organized professional. Eric’s ability to ensure customer success by engaging right people from worldwide organizations showed his customer focus and bias for action. I will highly recommend Eric to any organization who seek a results-oriented, customer-focused and a good team manager.”
September 17, 2007

Venkat Iyer, Principal Architecture Specialist, Siebel Systems

“Eric is a serious consultant. He doesn’t hesitate, whenever necessary, to push beyond the predefined objectives in order to bring solutions and help his customers. During his assignments, he settled and did a pertinent use of his Informix knowledge, but also never hesitated to share his experience with my teams. As a serial troubleshooter, he provided us with a number of enhancements axes of our Informix databases in order to increase performance. Regarding our production issues, his immediate reactivity brought simple, direct and efficient fixes and solutions. Eric knows how to merge creativity and IT production environment stringency, and he showed this to us when delivering some custom developments for my department.”
March 14, 2012

Benoît Fresse, IS Production Manager in a tourism and leasure park

“Eric is a passionated technical in consulting. When he work on a project he loves to make a good job according to his beliefs. And his felling is proved to be normally correct. Even when no one else believe on it at the end Eric view was normally the correct one.”
April 19, 2011

Sérgio Ferreira, Director, IIUG

“Eric is a very complete and customer oriented consultant. He has proven to be a dedicated and highly efficient professional. He will be wellcommed in my team anytime.”
November 16, 2007

Carlos A. Cruz, Portuguese Country Manager, Informix Corp


“Many years ago, when I was running Informix in France, I’ve hired Eric as Technical Support Engineer. After some time, he was the first member of the consultancy team, dedicated to high level expertise service delivery in our strategic accounts. The experience, along with the deep knowledge of Informix products he acquired during this time gave him a special sense of constructive analysis. Always willing to understand customer’s needs and voluntary to solve critical situations, Informix old timer will definitely be a great asset in any project he may participate into.”
October 7, 2010

Laurent Gampel, General Manager SM, Informix

“While working with french Government Agencies such as “Ministère de l’Economie et des Finances”, Informix and I benefited from Eric’s expertise , involvement, and permanent focus on customer satisfaction. Dealing with mission-critical situations with Eric was actually a walkover !”
August 18, 2010

Pascal Berneau, Senior Sales Executive, Informix Software

“As trainee, it’s important to have people available to show you what real life at work is. Eric was that kind. Never complaining about questions, finding time to explain and show better ways to do job. It was a really good experience. Eric was (still be, I’m sure) also a good friend outside work, playing music and trying to share his passions. It was a great chance for me to have this time in my life. Thanks.”
December 27, 2009

Eric Oliveri, Trainee, Informix

“Eric is one of those passionate people that have been impacted by Informix, and he is very passionate! Beyond this passion, Eric is above all a great professional, very rigorous but also source of smart and pertinent recommendations. But is also very good at executing and delegating”
May 17, 2011

Jean Georges Perrin, CEO, GreenIvory

“This brilliant IT specialist has been a key element for my career as an IT knowledgeable physician.
Having deeply understood our requirements, Eric has been able to merge his technical knowledge, his creativity and his sense of realism to implement robust foundations for our global information system in Forcilles Medical Center.
His sense of pedagogy, his clear explanations, his smart advice are some of Eric’s indisputable qualities.
His expectable integration into the DBMS vendor technical staff left a big empty space in our team.”
August 19, 2010

Thierry Lambert, Médecin-Informaticien, Centre Médical de Forcilles