General download: Download Informix for free (263B) clicks: 1141
added: 03/09/2012
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Here you can download Informix for free. Some products are real for free licenses, like IBM Informix Developper Edition and Innovator-C. Others are time-limited but fully featured trial editions, like Informix Ultimate Edition and Informix Ultimate Warehouse Edition (featuring Informix Warehouse Accelerator) Have a nice test! download: Use and abuse IIUG Presentations (140.20KB) clicks: 999
added: 23/06/2013
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This small paper talks about the International Informix User Group worldwide conference presentations and explain how and why they make un unvaluable set of useful knowledge.

Tutorial examples download: real life examples for the Perl Informix tutorial (7.36KB) clicks: 978
added: 11/03/2012
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This archive contains a few practical examples to be used in conjunction with the perl informix tutorial. After uncompressing/untaring, please read the READ.TXT Enjoy! download: UDR for Informix in C language (446.03KB) clicks: 1468
added: 29/01/2013
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This small article describes the interest and advantages of using home made User defined routines for informix, developping them in C language. It also describe the general way how to code them, and how to integrate them into your databases

Strategy download: The future of Informix 4GL applications (613.85KB) clicks: 5301
added: 08/05/2012
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this document contains a reflexion about the possible ways for the evolution of Informix 4GL applications download: IBM Informix Innovator-C alternative to free RDBMS (375.12KB) clicks: 3245
added: 18/05/2012
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See here why IBM Informix Innovator-C Edition should be considered seriously as a strong competitor of postgreSQL and mySQL download: ReasonsToUpgradetoInformix11.70 (1.45MB) clicks: 1413
added: 02/09/2012
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In this presentation done by Tom Rieger from IBM, you will understand why there is no reason for staying with your outdated Informix version, and which are the reasons for such a move. Thanks Tom! Enjoy download: Informix Primary Storage Manager (560.63KB) clicks: 1998
added: 20/05/2013
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This article is a discussion about the choice of IBM Informix Backup Tools, and introduces the new Primary Storage Manager that makes an excellent reason to defintively adopt onbar as THE Informix backup tool download: Where is Informix (821.75KB) clicks: 2966
added: 12/03/2014
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This article provides a deep insigth of history of the Informix database engine since its acquisition by IBM in 2001, and describes the evolution of a firmly alive RDBMS download: Informix 4GL is modern (3.16MB) clicks: 330
added: 08/11/2016
clicks: 330 download: Informix 4GL is modern (3.16MB) clicks: 201
added: 30/09/2016
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Exploring Lycia as THE solution for informix 4GL legacy applications

Case Study download: Benchmark Informix Innovator-C (714.60KB) clicks: 3194
added: 22/03/2012
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This document contains the full report of the first TPC-C benchmark performed against IBM Informix since 1997. Amazing results on a tiny 1 socket /Quad Core server

Announcements download: IBM Informix 11.70 FC5 release notes (207.69KB) clicks: 3276
added: 21/05/2012
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You will find here the 11.70 FC5 release notes download: IBM Informix 12.1 launch (3.82MB) clicks: 2420
added: 27/03/2013
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This document contains the the webcast presentation of the offical launch of IBM Informix 12.1