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Informix has been running on Raspberry Pi for now almost 3 years

Although not much hype has been done on this fact, it is now a reality that many people have not been believing until they tested it. Yes you can run an Enterprise class hybrid DBMS on platforms such as Raspberry Pi and similar devices running ARM 6/7, Intel Quark and others.Just in case you don’t expect […]

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Where are you at with your Informix 4GL application documentation?

  If you feel concerned in any way by that question, you should read this article. As a big fan of Informix 4GL language, I have been considering this matter for almost 30 years now, and I think I found the best possible answer. Do not miss this reflexion about the Application documentation question and […]

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New Informix Primary Storage Manager: change gear for your Informix backups

Coming with IBM Informix 12.10, a new storage manager has been added to the available Storage Managers for the onbar backup/restore utility. We have been installing it and testing it, and, sincerly, if you have been refusing the use of onbar due to implementation complexity, you should seriously consider reviewing your backup strategy. Please take […]

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coding User Defined Routines for Informix in C Language

Even if the custom Stored Procedures are frequently used in Informix databases, your preferred RDBMS offers you a number of easy to use tools that will allow you to reach a further level in the development of User Defined Routines. Although the SPL language responds to a wide and identified range of requirements, it is […]

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Informix and Perl: they match pretty well!

The unix shell is good, but there are much better and you have already As an Emeritus Informix DBA, you have certainly developed a number of command shell scripts. This language is very convenient and versatile to ensure your administrative tasks on IBM Informix Dynamic Server. When combined with the usual commands such as onmode, […]

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Objective: Performance!

Hi all, This is a message received today from IS management: “Your mission today, should you accept it, is to implement a new table in the database, perform an initial data load with an execution time of less than 10 minutes, and provide the team of developers with a way to best manage the response […]

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