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What filesystem type should I use for my Informix database on Linux?

This is probably a question you have been asking to yourself or your co-workers. I have performed some interesting tests on this topic last year, which I published on my French blog. Mr Art Kagel kindly offered  to translate it in English on his blog, in order to extend the message to the international ( […]

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Is there a future for Informix 4GL applications?

  A lot of companies using Informix 4GL have been questioning for some time about the evolution of their applications. Should they cancel them and replace everything with a new technology, since IBM competition pretend that anyway Informix doesn’t exist anymore? Should they maintain them “as is”, since after all they fully satisfy their requirements? […]

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Finally! a TPC-C benchmark has been performed on Informix!

  Time has come! After almost fifteen years of total silence, a TPC-C benchmark has been run on an IBM Informix database. Fifteen years where other RDBMS published TPC-C results for more and more gigantic configurations that noone or almost noone would find in real life. In the collective unconscious, IBM Informix was a good […]

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IBM Informix Innovator-C : A serious alternative to free or GPL RDBMS

The free or GPL RDBMS appeared on the marketplace in the mid 90’s. Initially considered as low range products, they progressively gained market share until the point that they are now frequently used for small to mid-size projects, or non critical projects. When one talks about those products, two names always come to mind: postgreSQL […]

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