Informix has been running on Raspberry Pi for now almost 3 years

Although not much hype has been done on this fact, it is now a reality that many people have not been believing until they tested it. Yes you can run an Enterprise class hybrid DBMS on platforms such as Raspberry Pi and similar devices running ARM 6/7, Intel Quark and others.raspberry-piJust in case you don’t expect that, Informix has been running on those platforms since early 2015. This is not a subproduct nor a very limited Edition, this is just the full featured edition of the product, which can work just like if it were running on a big server.

As its elder brothers (or sisters, not sure), Informix on those devices features:
– all study and long time proved replication technologies, like Enterprise Replication and High Availability Replication. This means that you don’t have to develop complex and costly to maintain data transfers to push/pull data to Department servers or Cloud, just set up your replicates (both ways if necessary)
– a brilliant MongoDB/NoSQL  implementation, with JSON as a NATIVE datatype, allowing to run virtually any MondoDB API connected application directly on Informix
– also known as “Hybrid DBMS”, Informix also is able to handle simultaneously JSON documents AND SQL tables in the same query.
– Informix has a UNIQUE feature called TimeSeries (released in 1998, but no one understood at this time how good it was). To explain shortly, TimeSeries is a way of storing and handling any data where timestamps is a critical aspect. Its advantages are: the data storage for those data is minimal (2 or more times less than regular SQL data), which can be more if you use the Informix data compression, leading to much less CPU consumption and less memory consumption. But the big point is all the query methods that are designed specifically to handle those data, like moving average and many more.
– you can combine TimeSeries data with Spatial data (aka GPS data or similar) to track moving objects in time
– Informix also has a REST listener, which means you can handle the data based on REST commands. This means you can handle data with very simple applications, even from a browser
– All the other features, such as Query Sharding, Smart triggers and its legendary robustness are included in the box.

Why would you refuse to take benefit of them and keep using other DBMS just because the others do? You’ll see how frustrating the other systems are.

Ok, you are curious to see if all that is true, and see if Informix could fit in your IoT applications? Here is the opportunity to check by yourself. Alex Koerner, an experienced IoT applications designer, has published this tutorial for you, time ago, so that you can board easily the Informix technology

Here is the place to go

Please note the right current download link ( for free obviously)

Have fun!

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