About IIUG Conference in San Diego: a few reasons to register

sanDiegoWe are almost there, only a few weeks missing: the event will begin on April 25 in the evening, to conclude on April 29th in the evening.

This year is going to be somewhat different than other years:  first of all IIUG will blow its 20 candles. 20 years of supporting the worldwide Informix community, providing with top level technical information thru sessions and tutorials. Yes, we can definately state that Informix is still alive thanks its users community. So attending this 20th annual event is kind of a must-do for any Informix user.

Beyond the great location, great facilities and great food (this is the French man speaking here), this years technical contents will be as always of great quality. Also one very interesting point is the possibility to meet easily the VIPs of the Informix world, especially during the ‘Ask the experts’ session. In fact, this event is called Conference, but here is how this happens: during the day you will have a very dense amount of sessions and hands-on sessions, and generally, the biggest pain you will have is to choose your sessions because you want to attend them all. Please bear in mind that for the second time, the Internet of Things will be covered under different angles: you do not forget that Informix has a leading role in IBM’s Internet of Things strategy.
Evenings are more focused to fun and relax, and generally meeting colleagues that have become friend after a few years of attending this conference.

But I also heard rumors about exclusive announcements that will be done during the Conference by some of the All Star speakers that will be present. In case you do not attend the conference, I can affirm that you will lose opportunities of seeing those products or even getting a beta-test program  and have to wait more time before hearing about them…

This year, I will present my work that I have been doing with the French IBM Client Center POWER 8 / Powerlinux Team. Starting from my presentation about Virtualization and Informix, given last year in Miami, we decided to reduce the focus of this case study to the PowerLinux technology, but extend the scope to the recently released Power 8 S824 and compare with how my TPC-C benchmark behaved on Informix 12.10 FC2.

All I can say now is that the combination Power8 on PowerLinux is definately something that you should really be curious about. I know this topic will bring your attention ( as it did with mine), and you will want to attend my presentation.

And to tell you the truth, I was also thinking about talking about a new product that we have been designing jointly with a well known software vendor company. If you have any kind of  involvement with the Informix 4GL language and the x4GL , you WANT to see this product and understand why you really need it. Sorry, I can’t say more for now 😉

Attending a IIUG Conference really means to get the value for your money. So now stop thinking and register here

Also do not forget, if you are a member of the IIUG ( that is if you have a IIUG member number) , the election for the board of Directors is running at this moment, and closes on April 13th.

You can check the list of candidates and place your vote here http://www.iiug.org/about/2015_ballot.html






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