Informix in IT schools ? In France ? Of course this is possible!

On june 17th, I had fun animating an initiation to IBM Informix session in the facilities of EPITECH, a french IT engineering school which is famous for the quality of its training cursus and the level of its students. Located in Marseille, south of France, but also in 11 french cities, this school had proposed me to present IBM Informix technology to a first year and second year audience.

The challenge was to talk to an audience that had no clue about what Informix means.

During a couple of hours, we have been presenting the main steps making the history of our favorite DBMS, the functionality that turn Informix into a complete, reliable and affordable solution for the emerging Internet Of Things(aka IOT), running on a wide range of systems starting with mobile devices running a hybrid NoSql/SQL DBMS, finalizing on BIG DATA servers.

Since IT schools mainly train developers, we also have been talking about the fundamental role played by  the DBMS in a development universe getting more and more “fast and furious” and demanding.

Then we had a Q&A session showing the curiosity of the students of this technology, but also a growing professional maturity.

Finally, we had a constructive session in EPITECH, and I would do it again anytime if Marseille thunder storms would not make hailstones as big as a soccer ball!

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  1. Alexandte Marini September 8, 2014 at 2:33 pm # Reply

    Hi Eric! It’s always nice to see students seeing Informix, learning and asking doubts for advanced users. Good job! Always tell them we are ready to help in IIUG website.

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