International Informix User Group: board of Directors election to start on May 28th

If you are reading this page, this means that either you have heard about it, or you know the International Informix User Group.

If this group, which now has over 30.000 members, did not exist, it is certain that our favourite DBMS would have ceased existed for a number of years. It is to be noticed that thanks to the power of this User Group, whose  conviviality is one of its remarkable characteristics, IBM has received the message from Informix user companies that they would not, under any condition, accept to quit their favourite DBMS platform.
Nowadays, IBM has effectively integrated Informix into its global Information Management strategy, but this would never have happened without the persuasion power of the IIUG.
IIUG is a non profit association, as almost all the informix local or national User Group across the world. Due to that fact, one of the association’s duties is to proceed to the election of the board of directors.

This election will start on May 28th, 00:01 AM EDT, and will conclude on June 11th at 5:00 PM EDT.
You can participate to the election if you are a registered member of since before April 28th 2014. Your vote is very important because it will determine the general guidelines of the association, and will certainly exerce a strong influence on Informix’s future.

After a few years of hesitation, just because people asked me to be a candidate, I have decided to be candidate to thiss year’s election, for a number of reasons:

  •  Give an efficient voice to the french speaking community, alltogether with my friend Jean-Georges Perrin
  • take an active role in the construction of a solid Informix technical community, helped by the use of a website in charge of the promotion of Informix specialists across the planet, ensuring an efficient interaction between user companies and Informix specialists.
  • enhance and extend the intra-community communication channels, by modernizing the website and provide new communication tools
  • Broadcast the InformixSpell in schools and universities, in order to ensure the right match between technical offer and demand, and contribute to restablishing the rating of Informix technology.
  • Assist Informix user companies to defend the durability of their Informix implementations by providing them with rational decision elements, replacing gossips of all kinds.

I agree these are many reasons and many projects, but when one considers a tightly-welded team coming from the USA, Brazil, Europe  and Israel (the Council of the Wise ), adding to it new and full of directed and sustained energy elements, those objectives are realistic and  compatible with the situation.

If you believe in that way of thinking and acting, you now have a suggestion to make a decision for your vote.

If you are eligible to vote, you will receive soon a series of email from the iiug describing the process instructions.



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