Coming next to your door if you are in Benelux

You probably noticed in the press last month: the Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg Informix User group, after consulting the installed base, is back on track!

Its first event will take place on Tuesday May 20th, hosted in IBM Belgium facilities in Brussels.

IBM Client Center Brussels – Avenue du Bourget / Bourgetlaan, 42 – 1130 Brussels

If you lost the Informix Roadmap thread, which is coming bold this year as really integrated into the global IBM offer, placing Informix once more in the head position of technological advance, including the integration of MongoDB/NoSQL, as well as new ports on mobile platforms ( ARM processors).

You will also like to see how IBM Informix definately beats the competitors with Informix Warehouse Accelerator, which will have radically change your vision about Data Warehousing.

Come along and update your personal staatus about IBM Informix, meet colleagues, IBM partners and also talk with the stars of the IBM Informix world.

Asking questions about the future of IBM Informix? Time to take the information from source instead of listening to rumours propagated by competitors who would love to own IBM Informix technology!

Jerry Keesee : Worldwide Director IBM Informix

Fred Ho: Chief Architect IBM Informix

Stuart Litel: President du Board de l’International Informix User Group

Learn more , here

See you soon !




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  1. Erik Stahlhut May 15, 2014 at 7:59 am # Reply

    it looks like a very interesting event with excellent speakers 🙂

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