Querix releases Lycia Web API, or how to make Informix webservices without swearing!


Querix is releasing at this moment a new part of their Lycia rapid application development suite: Lycia Web API.

If you know Querix, you know that they are a great blend of technological creativity, robustness, performance and stability. Its methodology is based on single source code for cross platform and database support by keeping full compatibility with the classic Informix 4GL and Genero. You also know that they are very close to customers’ needs, making Lycia for me the best successor ever on the marketplace to Informix 4GL, inheriting its simplicity and efficiency and allowing to take benefit from your longtime ago designed and bulletproof application to go way further in your developments, sticking to today’s and tomorrow’s reality for an agressively competitive Total Cost of Ownership.

Web Services have not been easy to integrate into Informix based applications until Querix grabbed the question, a few years ago. For those of you who already have attempted to connect IBM Informix servers with web services, you probably have concluded that no one does it better than Querix Lycia. The server part of the framework is based on the Representation state transfer (REST) architecture style which provides simple and lightweight means for implementation of scalable distributed applications. You can publish your entire application or any function as a Web Service (method).

Example to publish/web service enable a 4gl function as a web service method

We have got the application cms.exe and want to publish the function f_sum() as a Web Service. All what we need to do is to pre-fix the function name with “web_”

FUNCTION web_f_sum(a, b) #we simply add the pre-fix web_ to the function definition
DEFINE a, b int
RETURN a + b;


Web Services from other providers can also be utilized simply by calling them within your 4gl code by establishing a connection using the WEB.SESSION object and calling it just like any other 4gl function.

Example to utilize/call a Web Service Method from 4GL

DEFINE ses WEB.Session  #This represents the web service session object
DEFINE ret INT             #return value
CALL ses.setLyciaApplication(
"localhost:9090/LyciaWeb/sapi",   #host address of the web service
"default-1889", “cms.exe")        #application port and name
CALL ses.callMethod("web_f_sum", 5,7) returning ret #calling the web service
DISPLAY "returns : ", ret


The API even supports methods to operate the web service program by the means of user interface navigations and actions like call ses.key(“nextfield”);

If you have not tested this part yet, I would definitely recommend that test before thinking about another solution.

With the Lycia Web API, Querix goes a few steps beyond by adding Web Service Classes/Data Types which will allow you to create and maintain Web Services in an easy and productive way, based on the Informix 4GL language, but also provide an interface to and from Informix 4GL applications.

This is what you have been looking for long time ago. Here it is, for you.

Learn more at this place


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