: THE platform for exchange between Informix Technicians and companies searching for Informix Specialist

15 years old Kai Warner shot in Mentawai, Indonesia (c) Gonçalo Ruivo 2013Dear followers,

along with my best wishes for this Happy New Year, I am happy to announce the availability of our new website  “Informix Special Worldwide @dvanced Technicians”

The purpose of this new website is to establish a trustful platform of exchange between the Informix technical people looking for contracts, missions or jobs, and the companies looking for such profiles.

Unlike generalist job sites, the platform is managed by people that know the Informix technosystem in depth, and that fully understand the contents of an Informix profile, thus providing high quality profiles.

If you are an Informix technical specialist, you want to register as an Informix expert, fill in detail the form which is mostly oriented to your Informix experience and knowledge, and at the end you can even upload your PDF Informix Curriculum Vitae. ALL THIS FOR FREE FOREVER.

If you work in a company that is searching for an Informix specialist (architect, DBA,developer etc..), will provide you the best catalog ever of Informix profiles, including top of the top Informix specialists on this planet. Please note the very special discount if your company is an IBM Business Partner or if you are an IIUG registered member.

See you soon on

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