What’s the hottest new feature in Informix 12.10?

In the next edition of IBM Data Mag (http://ibmdatamag.com/), Lester Knutsen gives us a quick overview of the new Informix version 12.10 Grid Query feature. This, I think, is the hot new feature!  Lester refers the feature back to a similar XPS feature that allowed one to distribute a database across many servers and issue queries to the entire group of servers treating the entire distributed data set as a single database.  “Can’t I do that with any RDBMS that supports distributed queries?”, you may ask.  The simple answer is, “Yes, you can.”  But it is not simple.  

What every serious RDBMS  can do

All major RDBMS’s can allow you to query multiple servers using a UNION or UNION ALL to create a query that will gather the data from multiple servers.  So, what’s so new in Informix v12.10? Go read Lester’s article when it comes out in a couple …

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