Edition changes / Mudanças nas edições

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Este artigo está escrito em Inglês e Português

English version:
One of the changes in version 12.10 refers to the editions. In each version there are several editions which try to address different markets and usage scenarios. I know for experience that customers don’t like to see changes in editions. But I also am used to see a lot of confusion in the market about which editions exist, and the limits in each one.
One of the best sources to check this is an article on developerworks published by Carlton Doe a long time Informix guru. This page currently only addresses version 11 but accordingly to the webcast where 12.10 was announced, it should be updated soon.

I will not repeat the information here, but to give a very brief overview, some of the changes were:

  1. The Growth edition does not exist anymore. We went back to the original name of Workgroup Edition
  2. The Ultimate edition does not exist anymore. We went back to the original name of Enterprise Edition
  3. The Choice Edition (existed only for Mac and Windows) was removed
  4. The Express Edition (previously only in Linux) now exists for all the supported platforms
  5. The Editions that were called “Warehouse” changed their names to “Advanced” (Advanced Workgroup Edition…

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