IBM Informix 12.1 has been launched

And here we are, IBM Informix 12.1 has been oficially launched yesterdayMarch 26th!

This is no revolution, but there is a large number of really useful new functionality, and still more robustness, simplicity and performance

What do we have in the basket?

  • TimeSeries performance again strongly improved
  • Spatial datablade conformity to ESRI 10.1
  • index and BLOB compression
  • performance enhancement of distributed queries
  • real-time feed of DataMart data into Informix Warehouse Accelerator, allowing a single infrastructure to serve simultaneously OLAP and OLTP requests
  • integration of IBM Mobile Database (RDBMS InMemory on mobile/smart devices) as a new Informix replication component
  • New automatic tablespurge  functionality
  • New Storage Manager allowing to easily replace ontape with onbar
  • instance deployment process made yet easier
  • new multi-instance dashboard in Open Admin Tool
  • more new SQL statement bringing more ease to migrate from other RDBMS to IBM Informix
  • SELECT col1,col2 … INTO Newtable , or  CREATE Newtable AS SELECT col1,cl2,etc.. FROM SourceTable
  • and still the ability to handle a multi-platform / multi OS cluster with the Flexible Grid
  • remodeling of IBM Informix editions

You can visualize the launch webcast  at this place

You can also find the detailed new features at this place
Bonne lecture, et ….. enjoy!

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