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While we wait for the upcoming webcast about Informix’s new version (The new IBM Informix: It’s simply powerful), new interesting things are happening… A few days ago, Fred Ho pointed out that the Gartner 2012 Magic Quadrant for Data Warehouse Database Management Systems was published and that it mentioned Informix.
If you don’t follow this kind of analysts publications you may not know the impact they have on large customers and the talks generated around it. It’s huge.
To be honest, the reference to Informix does not appear as a positive statement. Basically it says that the only real in-memory technology that IBM has around the datawarehouse area is Informix Warehouse Edition and that IBM should increase the capabilities in this kind of technology to stay competitive.
So, you may wonder why I’m so interested in this report? Well, surely, working for IBM I appreciate the fact that we moved along the “completeness of vision” axis, getting closer to the leader – Teradata – , but this blog is about Informix….
Fred Ho already made some very interesting comments about the recent evolution of the Informix Warehouse Accelerator, but I’d like to highlight a few others…:

  • From a brief search, the last time Informix was mentioned in a Gartner report was in 2001, and it did not look good. Gartner wrote at the time that IBM’s strategy for Informix was not reassuring for customers
  • Informix warehouse accelerator is really IBM’s offering for in-memory DW. As mentioned in the report, IBM has other products that use in-memory technology like SolidDB and Cognos,…

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