New release of Perl DBD::Informix available on CPAN

Great news for whom has ever tasted the sweet flavour of using an IBM Informix connection
in a Perl module: a new release has been posted on CPAN, about two weeks ago (i-e January 2013).

The Informix guardian in the biggest Perl repository, Mr Jonathan Leffler, has granted us with a bugfix version, which now gives us the possibility to finally use LVARCHARS columns in our Perl scripts.

For those who have tested Perl DBD:Informix long time ago (ie more than 2 years), it is to be clarified that the release issued in June 2011 has made a giant leap forward in terms of ease of installation.

For those who have never experienced Perl DBD:Informix, you should test it. Perl is a great language, extremely powerful and fast, but also terribly  productive when using it for system-administration or database-administration scripts.It also offers a very high level of inter-operating system portability.

Adding the use of virtually all the Informix SQL Syntax with a native Informix driver, you will come out with a very flexible tool which will have you develop the most safe, fast and efficient admin scripts, without the hassle of 10 levels of pipes command shell statements.

You will find an introduction/bootstrap tutorial at this place

and you will find the latest perl DBD:Informix driver at that place

Have fun!

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