Dynamite Roll

On my way to work this morning, there was a news story on the radio about a new cologne called Sushi. The product description explains this unique product:

Not what you think it would smell like! Demeter’s Sushi is the fresh scent of just cooked sticky rice and straight from the seaside seaweed, laced with hints of ginger and lemon essences. Simply delectable… after all, if it smelledlike fish, would you wear it?

This reminded me of an old joke about Informix Software (the company) and how they marketed their products:

If Informix sold sushi, they would call it cold, dead fish.

Now, I know that joke has been told many times for many different companies, but the first time I heard the joke it was in reference to Informix so for me, they get to own the joke.

I then started to think about two troubling conversations I recently had.

The first was with someone who emailed me at informix-dba.com asking if I knew of any Informix consultants looking for a short term gig. During our conversation he wanted to ask some questions about Informix since he…

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