Stories about IWA / Estórias sobre o IWA

This article is written in English and Portuguese
Este artigo está escrito em Inglês e Português

English version:

I think by now everybody that follows Informix evolution knows and agrees that IWA (Informix Warehouse Accelerator) is a big step forward and one of the real market innovations. We know that many companies are doing something similar, but as usual, Informix does it better, simpler and easier.
Off course this is me talking and I may be accused of subjectiveness. But it’s a pleasure to look at what others are saying.
Recently we’ve seen two analyst firms mentioning IWA and praise some of it’s features. Some of the more positive points were:

  • The possibility to mix OLTP and BI workloads in the same infra-structure
  • The “no knobs” maintenance
  • The appeal to existing Informix customers
  • Tight integration with the native database optimizer
  • Performance

But you should read those papers yourself. They’re spread all over the Intenet, but I’ll leave two links for download here:

But this is not al…

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