V11.10 EOS / Fim de supporte V11.10

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Recently there were posts, twits and news about the end of support of Informix V11.1. The official announcement was made a year ago. In some foruns there were some discussions recently about the end of marketing and end of support policies by IBM. I do understand that this kind of announcements may cause some customer irritation, but this is clearly a good opportunity to clarify some aspects.
Typically the EOS (End Of Support) of version N is announced after version N+2 is generally available. Depending of the release schedules this typically means around 5 to 6 years of support. If you compare with the hardware renovation cycles this software support life cycle is greater or equal. And if we take a look at this particular case, the dates were:

  1. July 2007, v11.1 was made available
  2. May 2008, v11.5 was made available
  3. October 2010, v11.7 was made available
  4. September 2011, v11.1 end of support was announced
  5. September 2012, v11.1 effectively enters end of support

The only point worth noting was the short time between v11.1 and v11.5. Normally the time between two major consecutive versions round two years but it was shorter in this case.
This helps to explain why v11.1 was probably less used than V11.5. I heard about around two or three customers who may still be on this version in my country. Most are currently on v11.5. Nevertheless this was a great mark in Informix history because it included many of the major features and was a big leap forward. This version was code named Cheetah and was one of the most talked about Informix versions.
I wonder if you still remember these videos:

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