IOD 2012

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It’s official. I’m ashamed… around 3 months without a post. I can find good reasons, but that’s unacceptable in  any case. As usual I’m not running out of ideas, just time. It’s possible you’ll see a sequence of non technical posts, but don’t worry (if you like the tech stuff). It’s just that the technical stuff takes longer to write and there have been very serious news around the non technical arena.
So, this is the first “other stuff” post. Just a note to remind everybody that IBM is promoting another round of the IOD (Information On Demand) conference that have been taking place for a number of years. It will be held in Las Vegas (also known as Sin City?) on 21-25 October. Why would you care? Obviously because there’s an Informix and Tools track (and naturally you can find a lot of othe…

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