On Becoming an Informix Tuning Genius

If Apple can promote a bunch of inexperienced college aged nerds to “Apple Genius” by giving them a couple of days of training and hanging a badge around their necks, why can’t I create a cadre of “Informix Tuning Geniuses” by giving a class for, fully adult, experienced DBAs and by hanging a certificate on the attendee’s wall?  The answer, of course, is “I can!” I just haven’t called it that.  Until now.

I am often asked “How did you get to be so good at tuning Informix engines?”  When I hear questions like that my normal human modesty and my massive personal ego go to war.  Modesty wants to answer, softly, “Aw shucks, I just pay attention to what’s going on is all.”  Meanwhile, my admittedly huge ego wants to scream, “Yeah man. I am awesome!  You’d have to work hard for a long time to get where I am!”  Unfortunately for my ego, my modesty’s take on the world far closer to the truth.  When I can hear myself over my ego’s protests, I have to admit that I credit several things:

  1. Paying attention really is a big part of what I do, the hard part is what to pay attention to.  In general:
    1. RTFM – Yes, I really do Read The Fine Manuals and pay attention to what I read.
    2. Pay attention to other Informix user…

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