Innovator-C: 446 Days of Continuous Uptime in Jeopardy

This morning Hannes Visagie posted to the IIUG SIGs about a change to the Innovator-C limitations listed on the IBM Informix Innovator-C page that states Innovator-C will be limited to run on 1 core, down from the previous limitation of 4 cores. I sure hope this refers to CPUVPs and not hardware cores in the server, because who has a single core machine handy these days?

Is this the end of the line for our Innovator-C instance? Time will only tell. If the above limitation is real and not just a typo (edit: confirmed not a typo) we will have to reconfigure the instance down to 1 CPUVP and bounce the engine to see if a single CPUVP Innovator-C instance can meet our requirements and the uptime cl…

Auteur : (Andrew Ford)

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