Informix 11.70.xC5: It’s available / Já está disponível

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The new fixpack of Informix 11.70 (xC5) is available and the Infocenter documentation was just updated as well as the PDF sets of manuals.
Taken directly from the release notes the new features and functionalities are (comments added after the bullet items):

  • Administration
    • Plan responses to medium-severity and low-severity event alarms
      Mainly a documentation improvement. By describing each possible event ID and the recommended action, IBM is continuing the improvement of the alarm handler allowing the end user to costumize the ALARMPROGRAM scripts
    • IFX_BATCHEDREAD_INDEX environment option
      The batched index read feature can now be controled using SQL through the SET ENVIRONMENT statement
  • Application development
    • Improvement to the keyword analyzer for basic text searching
      An improvement on the way the Basic Text Seach datablade (BTS) handles the keyword analysis to create it’s indexes
    • Increased SQL statement length
      It may look a small feature if you never hit the 64KB limit, but it can be a must have if you ever faced that limit. Currently the limit was increased to an absurd 4GB with the exception of the CREATE VIEW which is 2MB
    • Enhanced query performance
      This can be misleading. What it is in fact is that the size of the client/server communication buffer can now be changed to 2GB by using the FET_BUF_SIZE variable. The driver for this was a competitive situation where it was identified that this could be a bottleneck. Note that this can be important for UNLOADs, exports etc.
    • The Change Data Capture API sample program
      Not really a feature. One program that was only found on the docs is now available in $INFORMIXDIR/demo/cdc for convenience
  • Enterprise replication
    • Replication errors on leaf nodes
      Since the leaf nodes in an ER topology can’t have much information about errors on other servers, that errors are removed from the syscdrerror tables on leaf nodes
  • Global language support
    • Scan strings with the ifx_gl_complen() functions
      Performance improvement for GLS code
  • Time Series data
    • Count the time-series elements that match expression criteria
      COUNTIF function
    • Remove old time-series data from containers
      Allows the re-use of space after old data removal
    • New operators for aggregating across time-series values
      Improvement to the TSRollup function
  • Data warehousing
    • Refresh data quickly without reloading the whole data mart
      A single partition (fragment) of a fragmented table can be sent to the IWA in-memory database
    • Use high-availability secondary servers to accelerate queries
      HDR, RSS and SDS servers can now be used to create and load datamarts. Previously they could only be used to accelerate queries. This is a big improvement if you want to mix OLTP and BI workloads since you could offload a large part of the BI to the secondary node(s) leaving the primary to the main OLTP work
    • New options added for the use_dwa environment variable
      Several new options for this variable allow you to gain more control about how a session uses the Informix Warehouse Accelerator and to collect more data to understand it’s behavior
    • Support for new functions is implemented
      Several new functions are supported in the accelerator, which allows more q…

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