Querix introduces Lycia II at the IIUG conference

Querix introduces a revolutionary 4GL development set – Lycia II – which is a large step forward in the world of 4GL development. The innovations cover almost every area of the 4GL development process.


Along with legacy Informix-4GL®, Dynamic-4GL® and Genero®, Lycia II supports a large variety of its own built-in functions and statements designed by Querix aimed at making the process of 4GL development easier, faster and more effective. The compatibility with various dialects of 4GL together with being the platform and database vendor free makes Lycia II an ideal tool for 4GL development.

Speed and Efficiency

Together with being highly flexible Lycia II also offers unprecedented speed and efficiency. It uses a completely new approach to compilation aimed at improving runtime performance of 4GL applications. Lycia II also includes a 4GL preprocessor that allows you to optimize the binary code and make your programs even more effecient.

New GUI Clients ‘LyciaDesktop’ ( .NET) and ‘LyciaWeb’ (HTML5/Ajax/Mobile)

Lycia II utilizes two GUI clients: a Windows .NET client (LyciaDesktop®) and a web client based on the Ajax technology (LyciaWeb®). The LyciaDesktop is a client designed for Windows platform, it fully utilizes Microsoft’s WPF technology, is highly extendable, and combines graphical user interface, dynamic documents and media contents.

LyciaWeb is a web client which is intended to be used as the main client on Linux/UNIX platforms, but which can also be used on any platform including mobile devices such as Android, Windows Mobile, IPhone, IPad, Smart Phones to name just a few that support web browsers. It makes this client highly flexible and brings 4GL into the spheres of life where it was impossible to use it before.

The GUI clients are complimented by LyciaThemeDesigner, a highly graphical and flexible Theme Designer which is used to change the look and feel of the application. It has extended functionality and an easy to use graphical interface. Both, LyciaDesktop and LyciaWeb can utilize the graphical themes created by it.

A New Graphical Form Designer

In addition to the two existing form formats Lycia II introduces a new form format which includes the most modern form widgets such as a progress bar, tree elements, the spin edit widgets for numbers and time values and others—practically any widget you may think of. In addition the new forms have several highly flexible variants of form layout achieved with the help of different Layout managers.

Thus widgets can be arranged in a form based on their coordinates, relative to one another and so on. Elements like the Grid control can be automatically resized with the window size and the dimensions and locations are specified in pixel units. New forms also allow you to define font and other graphical features. The form designer used for editing the new form format files follows the what you see is what you get approach, instantly reflecting any visible change made. To modify the elements of the form you need not stop your program running.

New Model of UI

Along with the standard user interaction features like INPUT or DISPLAY ARRAY Lycia II offers you a way to have them combined and executed at the same time. Thanks to the new DIALOG statement, it is now possible to perform input simultaneously into normal form fields and into a screen array. You can combine any number of INPUT and INPUT ARRAY statements together to create an integrated program interface without the need to switch between different inputs within one and the same form.

Java Language Interoperability

Along with the support of C/C++ which was present in previous versions, Lycia II enhances the 4GL with the Java and XML interfaces. Java interface allows the 4GL programs call standard and custom java classes, Lycia supports object and class java method calls.

Language extensions for processing XML

The XML interface contributes greatly to the process of managing XML structured data. Now it is possible to manipulate XML files from within a 4GL program which is far more convenient than managing plain text files, since in xml each tag has its definite position.


Lycia clients are now fully equipped for creating Accessible applications for the less able, in accordance the standards set by W3C.

LyicaBI, graphical reports using BIRT and Jasper Technology

Another additional and very useful functionality of Lycia II package is LyciaBI. LyciaBI is a set of business intelligence tools which bring the notion of reports in 4GL onto a completely new plane. It incorporates a powerful and easy to use LyciaStudio plug-in which is used for creating and editing the report templates, and a server where the reports can be deployed and viewed. LyciaBI is a combination of open source tools such as Birt and Jasper that are used for designing and running the reports and a set of 4GL features including new data types and methods designed exclusively by Querix that integrate reports into your 4GL programs.

Lycia, best tools at best value

Querix has a long history of delivering great value to our customers, and we are continuing that in the upcoming Lycia II release. Your product development can be very costly, especially if you ignore the ‘ROI’ for your development tools and additional required/dependent licences and hardware. Querix gives you the right tools to achieve your ROI within months, not just years. Querix offers cutting edge Desktop (.NET), Mobile and Web (Ajax/HTML5) clients, support for any common database, and portability for all common platforms.
Single User Lycia II Development System      1000€ / 1300$
Site Licence Lycia II Development System    2000€ / 2600$
Graphical Client Runtime Seat Licence
including 12 months support and upgrades      90€ / 117$

Visit www.querix.com and try Lycia today !

Distributed in the USA by Advanced DataTools and Oninit info@usa.querix.com
Distributed in France and French speaking countries by Begooden IT Consulting  eric@begooden-it.com
Distributed in Portugal by MoreData Ltda  sergio@despodata.pt
Check worldwide distributors list here




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  1. Sérgio Ferreira April 17, 2012 at 10:47 am # Reply

    Querix is really innovating. This will push 4gl to be a live programming language.

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