Database wars are over? / As guerras das bases de dados terminaram?

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“Database wars are over…”, “…and relational won”, “…and Oracle won”. If you search for these terms on your favorite search engine you’ll get enough answers to keep you busy for a long time.
At a certain point many believed this was true. And I’m sure many others still do. But if you’ve been paying attention lately you’ll notice this can still be under discussion.
Currently there is a lot of movement in the database arena… Let’s see:

  • New versions are popping out: DB2 v10 for LUW, SQL Server 2012 are the most recent examples. Informix is in the early stages for vNext also. Meanwhile we have Informix Warehouse Accelerator that although not a new database per si, it’s new technology
  • Datawarehouse appliances and dedicated servers are alive and kicking: Netezza (IBM), GreenPlum (EMC), Parallel Data Warehouse (HP/MS Sql Server), Exadata (Oracle)
  • NoSQL is “the” buzzword. Hadoop and everything about it seems like the next big thing
  • SAP makes bold statements about wanting to be a major database player. More details this Tuesday (April 10)
  • Oracle’s CEO, Larry Ellison, says they (SAP) “must be on drugs

So, we are definitively seeing news on the technology front. And although it’s true that these days databases are a commodity, the fact is that no system is implemented without some sort of database. And it…

Auteur : (Fernando Nunes)

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