Informix 11.70.xC4 is available / Informix 11.70.xC4 está disponível

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IBM has relesed Informix 11.70.xC4 in October 25. The changes in this release, taken directly from the release notes, are (comments added):

  • Administration
    • Enhancements to the OpenAdmin Tool (OAT) for Informix
      OAT now allows the management of database users (for non-OS users) and OAT is now delivered and installable with Client SDK for Windows (32bits), Linux (32 and 64 bits) and MAC OS (64 bits)
    • Enhancements to the Informix Replication Plug-in for OAT
      The ER plugin now follows ER improvements and can handle multibyte locales.
    • Informix Health Advisor Plug-in for OAT
      A totally new plugin that can examine a great number of metrics and configuration details, warning you (email) of anything not within the recommended settings and/or defined thresholds.
      The checks can be scheduled and you can setup several different profiles. Each will run a specific (and configurable) set of metrics.
    • Dynamically change additional configuration parameters
      Several parameters can now be changed with onmode -wm/-wf. Some of them are really important (WSTATS, AUTO_REPREPARE, CKPTINTVL, DIRECTIVES, OPTCOMPIND, SHMADD) and can save you from planned downtime. Others are more or less irrelevant (some of them could be changed by editing the $ONCONFIG file), but it’s important that they can be changed through SQL Admin API for client DBA tools
    • Compare date and interval values
      API extensions to compare datetime and interval values.
    • Plan responses to high severity event alarms
      Could not understand what is new. This could be done before by customizing the ALARMPROGRAM script
    • Data sampling for update statistics operations
      A new parameter (USTLOW_SAMPLE) defines if you want to sample the data for the index information gathering or not (indexes with more than 100.000 leaf pages). 11.70.xC3 did this by default. This can also be set at session level. Note that this can have a dramatic impact on the time it takes to regenerate your statistics. The “LOW” will be the slowest for large tables with indexes…
    • SQL administration API command arguments for creating sbspaces
      New options to create smart blob spaces with logging and access time recording in SQL admin API
    • Monitor client program database usage
      The client program’s full path name is now available in onstat -g ses.
      Note that although you can use this to monitor and control access, this information is sent by the client side and potentially can be faked (not the average user, but an attacker could do it)
    • Progress of compression operations
      Two new columns in onstat -g dsk show the approximate percentage of the tasks already completed and the estimated time to finish
  • High availability and Enterprise Replication
    • Easier setup of faster consistency checking
      When using ifx_replcheck and an index is created on it, the CRCOLS are not necessary
    • Handle Connection Manager event alarms
      Scripts used for processing connection manager alarms now have access to two variables that identify their name (INFORMIXCMNAME) and unit name (INFORMIXCMCONUNITNAME). This facilitates the script creation
    • Easier startup of Connection Manager
      When the variable CMCONFIG is set and points to the connection manager configuration file, it can be started, stop and restarted without specifying the configuration file. Much like ONCONFIG is used for the engine
    • Prevent failover if the primary server is active
      A new parameter called SDS_LOGCHECK can specify an number of seconds while the SDS secondaries will monitor the logical logs for activity (which would be generated by the primary server). This tries to implement a safety measure to prevent an SDS server to become a primary after a “false” failure of the primary. Note that usually this is prevented by using I/O fencing, but if that is not available this can be another way to make sure you don’t end up with two primaries
    • Configure secure connections for replication servers
      A new parameter called S6_USE_REMOTE_SERVER_CFG define…

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