This Smart Meter Stuff is for Real

Yesterday IBM hosted a Smart Meter Summit in Austin. I attended not because I do anything with Smart Meters, but because I have seen and heard the IBM speak about Informix TimeSeries and how it is a perfect fit for Smart Meter data and wanted to hear more. I wanted to find out for myself if this was for real, to find out if there is there an opportunity for Informix to grow here or if it is just Smarter Planet marketing fluff.

It is for real.

The number of homes and businesses with a Smart Meter is growing with no sign of slowing down. What I found interesting was the reason for this growth. Before attending the Summit I imagined the push for these meters was because they give you a more granular view of your power usage giving the consumer the ability to see their power consumption in near real time instead of once per month so they can switch things off if they are using too much power. I was wrong. This is definitely one benefit of Smart Meters, but the real driving force behind the push for Smart Meters is something called a Truck Roll.

A Truck Roll is the industry term for the utility company sending a human to a house (presumably in a truck) to turn on or off power to a dumb meter. With a Smart Meter, th…

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