Austin Informix 11.70 Roadshow – Day 2

The second day was just as informative as the first. I am bummed we are done but I needed to get back to work anyway.

Some interesting things from Day 2:

create | drop if [not] exists

Long time coming, IMO. Gives you the ability to write SQL like the following

create database if not exists db with log;

create table if not exists tab1 (
   field1 integer,
   field2 char(2)

drop table if exists tab2;

Index Extent Sizing

You can now specify the first and next extent sizes for your indexes instead of relying on the engine to guestimate what your index extent sizes should be based on index key size and table size.

Deep Embed of DataBlades

A major barrier to entry for people playing around with DataBlades is you had to install them before you could use them. In 11.7 all DataBlades that are included at no additional charge (TimeSeries, Basic Text Search, Spatial, Node and others) are pre-install but not active until you attempt t…

Auteur : (Andrew Ford)

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