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My articles backlog keeps increasing, but there are things I can’t miss. One of them is the availability of another fixpack of Informix.
The latest one is 11.70.xC3. I spot it on FixCentral a couple of days ago and PDF documentation is already available. InfoCenter is also updated.

As usual there are big news and smaller ones. It really depends on your needs and cares. The follwoing is a straight copy/paste from its release notes:

  • Administration
    • Automatic read-ahead operations
    • Configuring the server response to low memory
    • Reserving memory for critical activities
    • Connection Manager enhancements
    • Enhancements to the OpenAdmin Tool
  • Embeddability
    • Managing message logs in embedded and enterprise environments
  • Developing
    • Built-in SQL compatibility functions for string manipulation and trigonometric support
  • High availability clusters and Enterprise Replication
    • Automatically connecting to a grid
    • Code set conversion for Enterprise Replication
    • Enhancements to the Informix Replication plug-in for OAT
  • Security
    • Non-root installations support shared-memory and stream-pipe connections
    • Retaining numbers for audit log files
    • Restrict operating system properties for mapped users
  • Time Series data
    • Simplified handling of time series data
    • Informix TimeSeries plug-in for OAT

A few remarks:

The possibility of configuring read ahead automatically is great. Let’s be honest: How many of us ever really mastered the traditional configuration? Personally I can tell you that a few years ago I tried it in a very controlled environment and I gave up. I could not spot any difference in my tests and over the years I’ve seen contradictory statements on how it should be setup. So it’s a great pleasure to see it can be automatic now.

Server response in a low memory situation is also a great new feature. In cases where I have more than one instance on the same server I insist on setting up SHMTOTAL so that I can isolate any issue caused by excessive memory consumption. This prevents the situation from affecting other instances.
But even so it was usual to see undesirable behaviors on the instance consuming too much memory. And this is easy to understand, because to fix something (rollback, monitor etc.) you still need memory. If you’ve run out of it, your ability to solve it is constrained.
What IBM did now is give you the ability to reserve some memory, to deal with lack of memory. Seems pretty obvious right? But IBM did more. When you hit the pre…

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