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This article is written in English and Portuguese
Este artigo está escrito em Inglês e Português

English Version:

It’s a great pleasure to present you another Informix blog. This one is written in French. The author is Eric Vercelletto, which was a colleague at Informix Portugal. Eric has a long history with Informix. We was working at Informix France and decided to join Informix Portugal mainly to participate in a big and complex project several years ago (before I joined Informix). After that we met and worked together on another customer. At the time I was working mainly with tools and he managed all the engine side stuff. When he decided to embrace other challenges outside Informix, I assumed his position at that customer. It was a big challenge for me (I had relatively low experience with the engine) and Eric was a great h…

Auteur : (Fernando Nunes)

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